Transforming Education in California

Our Mission

The College & Career Alliance Support Network (CCASN) partners with our collaborative network including system leaders, educators, organizational partners, and diverse learning communities to influence and impact California’s public education system. CCASN is committed to bold strategies that aim to institutionalize racial equity in California’s public education system.

Our Vision

CCASN strives to build an equitable education system that prepares all students for college, careers, and communal-civic life; supporting seamless intersegmental transitions and elevating optimal postsecondary opportunities and pathways for all.

  • We center students furthest from opportunity in our work, including Black, LatinX, Asian American and Pacific Islander students, as well as English Learners.
  • We build partnerships for mutual learning utilizing design-based research, action research, data and improvement science methodologies to assess, diagnosis, analyze, and deploy strategies that enhance equity in instructional, structural and systemic practices.
  • We are proud to serve as a trusted partner focused on serving the field and influencing impactful policy, advocacy and practice.

Conscious and Courageous Leadership

Event: Making the Way by Leading: SANKOFA, Reflecting Forward to Racial Equity in Californiat Eduation; The first event in our series highlighting conscious and courageous leaders and changemakers dedicated to racial equity in education.

CCASN gathered conscious and courageous education leaders to reflect on lessons learned over the past 25 years of struggle for racial equity, and to envision pathways forward. Learn more about this series and access our Racial Equity Toolkit.

Our Teaching, Leading and Learning Stance

CCASN has extensive experience partnering with system leaders, educators, schools, districts and institutional and organizational partners to build capacity and support the use of evidence-based research to implement equitable and effective approaches. We seek to inform state policy, advance institutional equity initiatives, and provide guidance that influences and impacts California’s public education systems. We are an emergent learning organization that continues to build and learn with our network of partners.

CCASN’s New Home

The College & Career Alliance Support Network (still CCASN) is now located at The Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. CCASN is excited to bring our myriad partnerships and resources to The Lawrence, which has long been a true partner in many areas of our work. We are learning and growing with dear colleagues, building upon our common commitment to transform historic and systemic educational inequities.

CCASN in Action


CCASN provides a wealth of practical tools for educators. Check out the four essential guides recently updated for CCASN by California Partnership Academy (CPA) Lighthouse Academy leaders: 

Self-Assessment Guide for College and Career Academies

Internship Handbook for College and Career Academies

Mentor Handbook for College and Career Academies

Partnership Guide for College and Career Academies

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Scales of Justice


Read the executive summary of our report, “Advancing Equity at Scale-Up: Research Priorities for College and Career Pathways,” synthesizing lessons from four symposia connecting College and Career Pathway researchers with practitioners to stimulate collaboration, build capacity, and prioritize equity issues.

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CCASN and the Linked Learning Alliance (LLA) collaborated to present Green Linked Learning to a seminar of the Japanese Society for the Study of Career Guidance, drawing lessons learned in the American context applicable to Japanese education leaders.

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