College & Career Academy Support Network

High school: Make it fair, make it real.


CCASN’s Mission:

  • build capacity of educators and communities to enact research-based strategies for student success now and in college, career, and civic life;
  • collect and disseminate evidence on student outcomes and exemplary practices;
  • promote policies to make education fair and real.

Since 1998 CCASN has been working to increase educational opportunities that offer each young person support and guidance, productive engagement in the world outside of school, and preparation for both college and careers. This research-based strategy has been effective for hundreds of thousands of teenagers, including low-income students of color.

CCASN offers professional development, coaching, resource materials, and technical assistance for secondary educators, schools, and districts. CCASN also conducts research to document and improve practice, and advises policy makers at all levels.


A Message from Our Executive Director

As we embark upon another quarter of CCASN Solutions, I would like to highlight a very special historical CCASN moment! Happy 20th Birthday to the College and Career Academy Support Network at the Graduate School of Education (GSE). I continue to be humbled by the...

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College and Career Pathways Research Symposia Series

JUST RELEASED: College and Career Pathways Research Symposia Series Report Two: Equity Issues in College and Career Pathway Teaching and Learning Practices This new report summarizes the second of four working symposia on College and Career pathways, which took place...

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