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With Bountiful Gratitude from UC Berkeley’s CCASN:
Celebrating 25 Years and Your Support 

UC Berkeley’s CCASN Reflective Summary 

CCASN developed this Reflective Summary of recent work to exemplify our ongoing commitment to transforming both ourselves and educational systems. While moving through a significant organizational transition, we’ve been able to both reframe our organization and uphold the legacy of our founders. Strong, trust-based collaborative partnerships dedicated to equity-driven systems change have been critical to our success and are highlighted here. We are grateful and pleased to share this Reflective Summary of CCASN’s recent work.


Our Approach

We value inclusive, shared leadership for equity.

We believe in the power of a mobilized community of learners.

We support educators to collaborate at all levels and across systems to co-create equitable schools.

We work at the nexus of research, practice, and policy, to impact teaching, leading, and learning.

We facilitate practical research, and the use of research in partnership with learning communities, to produce research-based solutions to critical equity challenges.

We build leadership capacity at every level within education systems.

CCASN has worked to expand their own capacity and reach and live into their commitment to forging and developing an equity-centered network as a strategy for deep and sustainable system change.
Victor Cary and Lisa Lasky

National Equity Project

Convening & Facilitation

We believe high quality collaboration is essential to influencing system change.

We facilitate collaborative convenings that bring people together to achieve common goals, advancing educational equity in teaching, leading and learning. We work with educators, leaders, organizations, partners, Communities of Practice, and Professional Learning Communities to collaboratively achieve common goals. We support goal setting and agenda development to collaboratively design and engage in reflective learning, effective planning, and empowering action.

Leadership Development

We believe effective and collaborative leadership at every level is needed to build individual and collective agency.

We engage leaders in mapping their contextual equity terrain, both assets and challenges; and in investigating root causes to excavate and enhance transformative possibilities. We design experiential activities that enhance leaders’ capacity to address systemic equity issues. Through inclusive and sustained partnerships, co-designed capacity building intensives, focused planning processes, and creative, research-based innovations, we support leaders in building collaborative initiatives that hold promise for transformation of systems, districts, schools, programs, and pathways.


We believe that the process of change and transformation requires a reflective practice, honorable support and a learning community that fosters trust.

We coach team leaders, site leaders, district leaders, and system leaders, individually or in teams. We work with teams at every level: district, site, and pathway teams, district and cross-segmental communities of practice, boards and executive cabinets, using customized and contextual coaching modalities and coaching for equity frameworks. Our highly trained, certified coaches assess needs to meet our partners where they are, then co-develop and regularly review a plan of action and continuous improvement to achieve specific goals.

Graphic showing the interelated elements Equity in Student Outcomes, Equity in Student Experiences, Culturally Relevant and Sustaining School Culture, Convening and Facilitation, Leadership Development and Coaching

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The Courageous Leaders Series

Workshops for district, site, and community leaders designing equity-driven Pathways and Systems.

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