Making the Way By Leading Conscious and Courageous Leaders and Changemakers

CCASN Thanks these Conscious & Courageous Leaders and ChangeMakers and our Valued Partners!

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Our work with conscious and courageous collaborative leaders continues! Look for upcoming reports and resources drawn from our recent survey of Californians’ knowledge of, attitudes toward, and beliefs about racial equity in education.

Racial Equity E-Toolkit - SANKOFA Reflecting Forward to Racial Equity in California Education

On behalf of UC Berkeley’s CCASN, we have curated valuable racial equity resources which were produced by our key partners of the Conscious and Courageous Leaders and ChangeMakers series. See More…

Past Event

SANKOFA, Reflecting Forward to Racial Equity in California Education.

The first event in the MAKING THE WAY BY LEADING series highlighted conscious and courageous system leaders and changemakers dedicated to racial equity in education.

Held on November 5, 2021, the 25th anniversary of the passing of Prop 209, the convening:
  • engaged a broad range of education stakeholders in authentic discussion about combating systemic oppression and presenting strategies to advance a movement toward racial equity in education in California;
  • illuminated lessons from research and policy on racial equity over the last 25 years;
  • offered reflective insights and a call-to-action to transform California’s education systems, guided by a vision of institutional racial justice and equity, from preschool to the workforce, over the next 25 years and beyond, and
  • provided access to a racial equity e-toolkit for participants.
SANKOFA: Reflecting Forward to Racial Equity in California Education

*Like the metaphorical bird, Sankofa expresses the importance of reaching back to knowledge gained in the past and bringing it into the present to address universal questions of race and belonging.

Event Description

This event launches a series of engagements aimed at building capacity, intersegmental alignment, cohesivity and collaboration across California with a racial equity “lens.” Each presenting Leader and ChangeMaker has informed and impacted tremendous changes across systems, and understands the relevance of race, power and the intersectional dynamics of research, policy, practice, advocacy, and philanthropy.

Program Overview
Session I: Making the Way by Leading: Conscious & Courageous Leaders and ChangeMakers

Elevating the voices of equity leaders and changemakers who have historically demonstrated “conscious and courageous leadership,” this session will feature a retrospective focus on racial equity in California’s education system. Through a strategically moderated engaging program of appreciative inquiry, research reflections, experiential practice, authentic story, individual wisdom and collective knowledge, along with an instructive Masterclass featuring equity champions whose careers embody servant and transformational leadership.

Session II: The State of Education Equity in California: Reviewing an Education Equity Policy Timeline & A Vision for Racial Equity

If we aim to achieve educational justice for all of California’s students, it is important to understand the policy decisions that our state and systems have made over decades. In this presentation, Dr. Natalie Wheatfall-Lum of the Education Trust-West will review an education equity policy timeline of California’s schools (with a particular focus on the past 25 years), outline related shifts in student outcome and school system data, and preview a future vision for racial justice in education.

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