California Partnerships Academies (CPA)

  • Student reading meter in the field
  • Student collecting soil samples
  • Students working together on a match project

The California Partnership Academies (CPAs), a network of approximately 400 programs in California high schools, were established in 1985 and are supported by competitive state grants. These models are designed to prepare students for both college and careers. The CPAs are based in the Career and College Transition Division in the California Department of Education (CDE).

The CPA section of the CDE website contains information about State Education Code requirements, the CPA annual report, and lead consultants.

Lighthouse Academies

Lighthouse Academies (LHAs) are CPAs with teacher leaders who have a deep understanding of the CPA Education Code and strategies that support the development and sustainability needed for success. They have a grant to cover costs related to their work mentoring other academies. The special experience and expertise of the LHAs are highlighted each year through presentations at the annual Educating for Careers conference. The thirteen LHAs are located regionally and represent various career pathways.


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