Toolbox: Work-Based Learning

Career Day Agenda
To be posted in each room with speakers
Career Day Choice Sheet
Sample student choice sheet for career day
Career Planning Process
Questions for students and mentors to go over as they map out the journey to the career of their dreams! Can also be used by counselors or advisors.
Career Research Overview Activity
A series of questions that will support students in narrowing down career choices and identify post secondary programs and financial support to achieve their career goals. Can be used by counselors or advisors.
ECCCO Internship Readiness Assessment
Internship readiness assessment developed by Oakland Unified for students who completed the ECCCO curriculum
Field Trip Permission Slip
Your basic field trip permission form….note, this does not replace and legal forms your district may use.
Health Academy Student Health Clearance
A medical clearance checklist for students entering health care facilities for internships and job shadow experiences.
Health Pathway TB Test Parent Agreement
Permission form for students to get TB test or have on file a negative TB test so that they can work at a medical facility.
Intern Application Employment History
Allows students to discuss their resume and answer questions of interest for successful placement in an internship.
Intern Assessment Form
A great and simple tool used to evaluate the interns. Includes typical job performance ratings and is a great place to add narratives regarding strengths and weaknesses.
Intern or Employee Daily Work Site Log
A daily reflection for students at the end of each day of an internship or job to document what they have learned. Can be used to support a self evaluation or portfolio process.
Intern or Employee Orientation Checklist
A checklist of items to use when training an academy student for their job or internship. Provides evidence for completion of an orientation for employers.
Intern Self Evaluation
A survey for interns to complete after the internship that offers reflective questions for the student about their experience and information about the effectiveness of the internship.
Intern Standards of Conduct
A contract that clearly describes expectations for interns while out in the field.
Internship Agreement between School and Partner
A short description of each party’s responsibilities when developing a business partnership where students will work at a job site.
Internship Emergency Calling Instructions
A quick note to help intern supervisors or any partners off site know who to call and in what order.
Internship Initial Monitoring Report
All of the checklist items to make sure are in place prior to a student beginning a job or internship. It also provides the space to express concerns from either the student or supervisor early in the process.
Internship Intro Suggestions for Business/Industry Partners
Great set of brief tricks and tips to share with business partners that don’t normally work with teenagers!
Internship Learning Plan
An outline to prepare all of the components of the student internship experience in partnership with the supervisor.
Internship Orientation Checklist
To be used as a framework for student intern’s orientation by the employer.
Internship Student Emergency Information
A short one page info sheet that parents can fill out at registration. Includes important information like contacts and medical history. This can be on file at the school and job sites.
Internship Student Application
Application for internship. Includes important student information, experiences and interests that will guide the academy teachers in placing students successfully.
Internship Student Self-Evaluation
A brief evaluation for students to complete after their internship. Includes reflective questions for the student to consider as well as feedback for the employer.
Internship Supervisor’s Student Evaluation
An evaluation that can be used after job shadowing, internships or externships. This offers the site supervisor an opportunity to provide feedback to the students on their job performance.
Internship Work Schedule
A short form to complete prior to beginning an internship assignment. Includes times available, contact info and criteria for work hours/breaks.
Job Exploration Questionnaire
A valuable tool for academy students to do as part of their post secondary planning to support making a great career choice.
Job Forum Panelist Overview
An invitation to members of the community to be on a Job Forum Panel. Includes request for information prior to the event and great questions for the panelists to answer for the students. Includes a job forum schedule at the bottom of the html version of this!
Job Forum–Studio Audience Instructions
This tells the students what is expected of them at the Job Forum. Includes questions for students to ask as well as behavioral expectations.
Job Shadow Confirmation
A confirmation letter to hosts of the Job Shadow Day. Includes a brief overview of why job shadowing is important along with a request to confirm before the date.
Job Shadow Consent Form
A form that outlines the expectations and purpose of job shadowing. It also allows parents to share important information or concerns about their child.
Job Shadow Observation Log
A quick and simple tool used to observe as students go through the Job Shadow day. They can specify skills and classroom application of those skills.
Job Shadow Request Letter to Potential Hosts
A letter outlining Job Shadow purpose to potential hosts. It also invites people to participate in Job Shadow Day.
Job Shadow Site Questions
A quick list of questions for students on Job Shadow Day.
Job Shadowing Agreement
A simple contract for academy students to show they understand the responsibilities that come with leaving school for a job shadow day.
Job Shadowing Student Questions
A set of questions for students to ask on the job shadow assignment.
Job Shadowing Transportation Waiver
A simple transportation waiver that informs parents and the school as to how and when students will be traveling. THIS DOES NOT replace any legal mandates from your district in regards to students trips or transportation. Please ask your principal for any other forms that are necessary.
Quality Work-Based Learning: A Guide to Creating Quality Work-Based Learning
Developed by New Ways to Work. The Guide to Creating Quality Work-Based Learning can be reproduced with permission. Please Contact New Ways to Work at 707-824-4000 or

Tennessee Department of Education WBL Policy Guide & Website

The Department has released their Work-Based Learning (WBL) Policy Guide for the 2015-16 school year.

Job Forum Thank You Letter to Panelists
A letter that thanks guests and includes an introduction to the letters that students have written to thank their guest as well.

WBL Continuum Learning Outcomes, Characteristics and Experiences

A core component of the learning experience in any Linked Learning pathway is work-based learning. Work-based learning allows students to apply their classroom learning in professional settings and gain real-world experience in the process.

Work-based Learning Activity Descriptions
OUSD’s teacher resources describing activities and outcomes aligned to standards
Work-Based Learning Continuum
Career Awareness, Exploration, Preparation and Training — Definitions and Sample Student Learning Outcomes for each stage in the continuum, as well as examples of the student learning experiences involved.


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