Toolbox: Teacher Teaming

Academy Distributed Leadership Responsibilities
Description of leadership roles and responsibilities to encourage shared leadership practices
Academy Lead Teacher Job Description Generic
Detailed description of the many duties usually required of Academy lead teachers, and a good argument for shared leadership
Academy Lead Teacher Job Description Sample
Sample House and Academy Lead Job Description
Agenda Template
Outcome-based agenda template for college and career pathway team meetings
Behaviors of Learning and Teaching
Tool for pathway teacher teams to develop the practices associated with improving student motivation, engagemen, empowerment, and achievement.
Comprehensive High School Distributed Leadership Model
Berkeley High School’s Inclusive Distributed Leadership Organization Chart
CPA Education Code Aligned with Linked Learning Pathway Quality Criteria
Chart comparing Linked Learning pathway quality criteria with statutory requirements for California Partnership Academies.
Developing Vision and Mission Statements in a Multiple Pathways School
Process protocol for re-defining a comprehensive high school vision and mission.
 Equity Traps and Leadership Actions
Provides strategies for working with teachers on a strengths-based, equitable approach that interrupts systems of oppression
 Facilitation Tips for Outcomes Based Agendas
Tips for creating a culture of professionalism and collaboration, using time productively and achieving the outcomes you intend
 Field Trip Checklist
Detailed instructions for Academy teachers planning field trips
 Field Trips
Instructions for teachers
 Four Year Theme
Articulated map of focuses for community service activities and habits of mind for each grade level
 FTE Needs Template
A tool for Lead Teachers to communicate with Administration about planned changes in their programs
 Imagine That!
Activity for working with pathway team to envision the pathway program, and what they might contribute to it
Options for Changing a Program of Study
 Pathway Leadership Capacity Staff Survey
Possible Areas for Distribution of Pathway Leadership
Options for dividing up the leadership responsibilities among pathway team members
Program of Study Template
A tool for mapping the courses Academy students will take over four years.
Protocols for Teacher Peer Observations
sample agreements, observation form, and post-conference reflection
Schedule Planning Template
Tools for lead teacher to work with team and communicate with administrators while negotiating the master scheduling process
SCOPE Knowledge Brief: The Linked Learning Advantage
Using Linked Learning to Implement the Common Core State Standards
Spring Retreat Agenda: Outcome Alignment & Summer Planning
Sample agenda for all-day retreat to align course outcomes to Academy outcomes, and plan for summer work and next year’s focus.
Staff Survey
A short survey for current (or prospective) staff that asks for feedback on the academy model as well as personal opinions and evidence about how they integrate curriculum following the academy model.
Student Academy Survey
This survey offers students a chance to give feedback to the academy in the areas of quality of teaching and course work, staff support and personal development.
Student Project Timeline
A year long timeline for an academy project. This is a helpful tool for teachers and students to plan.
Student Work Tuning Protocol
Protocol for grade level team to discuss student work and its implications for instructional practice.
Summer Professional Development Scheduling
A useful tool for scheduling teacher teams for summer PD.
Teacher Application
An application for teachers that are considering working as part of an academy.
Teacher Information Form
An overview of academy objectives, goals and staff characteristics that provide a prospective applicant a good look at academies.
Teacher Rating Form
A tool to be used by a panel as they interview teaching candidates.
Teaching and Learning Activity
An activity designed to get teachers talking about pedagogy
Teaching Team Survey
A survey for team members to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching team.
Team Action Planning Tool
Tool for Pathway Teams to strategize.
Universal Practices
Agreed upon common classroom management and instructional practices designed to support all students’ academic success
Urban Teacher Academy Project Toolkit
A Guide to Developing High School Teaching Career Academies
Values Clarification
An activity for students or staff to identify the most and least important values in their lives.
Vision and Mission Development Activity
This activity helps a team to develop their vision and mission statements.
Working Agreements for an Academy Team
Sample set of pathway team working agreements.

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