Toolbox: Parent Involvement

Breach of Student Contract
Outline of academy expectations in a contract review document that can be used by counselors, lead teachers, mentors, etc. Also includes parents in the process.
Counselor Recommendation to Parents
A brief form letter used to identify areas for student intervention and inform parents of areas to support. This is also an invitation to parents to schedule time with the academy counselor or lead teacher to host an intervention conference.
Fall Family Night
Social Event to support parent involvement
Family Engagement Framework: A Tool for California School Districts
Field Trip Permission Slip
Your basic field trip permission form….note, this does not replace and legal forms your district may use.
Graduation Invitation
Your basic graduation invitation that honors the accomplishments of the students, as well as makes a special invitation for the role this person has played in helping the students achieve this.
Incoming Ninth Grade Family Orientation
Sample Agenda, focus on parent-teacher connections
Job Shadow Consent Form
A form that outlines the expectations and purpose of job shadowing. It also allows parents to share important information or concerns about their child.
Job Shadowing Transportation Waiver
A simple transportation waiver that informs parents and the school as to how and when students will be traveling. THIS DOES NOT replace any legal mandates from your district in regards to students trips or transportation. Please ask your principal for any other forms that are necessary.
Leadership Council Bylaws
Bylaws for an Academy Leadership Council involving teachers, students, parents and counselors in program decisions.
Mentor Parent Permission Letter
A brief request of parents to complete a permission form (below the initial letter) so that they are clear about their child’s participation in the mentor program.
Mentor Program Parent Assessment Form
An assessment for parents about their child. This allows parents to communicate important information to the academy team, particularly about the mentor program.
Mentor Program Parent Letter 2
A brief letter to families letting them know what it means for their child to be in the beginning stages of the mentor process.
Open House Awards Celebration
Basics of what should be on an awards celebration flier.
Parent Commitments
Developed by an Academy Parents’ Council
Parent Introduction Letter to Academy
A letter to parents indicating that their child has expressed an interest in the academy that invites parents to learn more about the program.
Parent Questionnaire During Recruitment
An opportunity for parents to share important information with the academy about their child and parent interest in volunteering.
Parent Survey
An opportunity for parents to give the academy feedback on how it has impacted their child. This supports evaluating effectiveness of the academy.
Parent Tutoring Referral
A form parents can use to request additional academic support for their child.
Potluck Supper Invitation
A simple invitation to families for an academy potluck, with an emphasis on bringing multi-cultural dishes. This supper is a time to honor seniors for their accomplishments.
Welcome Letter New Students
Announces orientation

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