Toolbox: Mentoring

Mentee Assessment Plan
A quick form list of information about a mentee used to assign a mentor that will be the best fit.
Mentee Intro to Mentors: Questions for Students to Ask
A list of questions for the preliminary meeting between student and their new mentor.
Mentee Orientation Evaluation
An opportunity for a potential mentee to offer feedback after an orientation.
Mentee Student Guide 10th Grade
Mentoring Program for Academy of Business, 2013-14.
Mentee Student Guide 11th Grade
Mentor Program for Academy of Business, 2013-14.
Mentor Checklist
A checklist of criteria for mentors.
Mentor Activity Report Follow Up
A tool to track next steps after a Student-Mentor Activity. Includes needs, next steps and methods to track communication.
Mentor Application
Application for potential mentees that allows then to share interests, skills and goals.
Mentor Background Check
**This does not replace required process and forms by the district. Allows possible mentors to complete personal information to begin a background check. REPEAT…this is not a comprehensive background check…just a beginning.
Mentor Calendar
A full year calendar of mentor events, month by month.
Mentor Celebration Invitation
An invitation to the kick off dinner for students and mentors.
Mentor Checklist/Approval Form
One form that can be used as part of the mentor selection process.
Mentor Confirmation Letter
A confirmation letter to let “approved” mentors know they have been selected AND what they can expect.
Mentor Handbook 11th Grade
For Academy of Business Mentors, 2013-14.
Mentor Handbook, 10th Grade
For Academy of Business Mentors, 2013-14.
Mentor Information Sheet
A description of the mentor program for outreach purposes.
Mentor Informational Letter to Parents
An explanation to families about the mentor program. Includes benefits and purpose of the program for parents.
Mentor Interview Questionnaire
A framework for interviewing mentor candidates. This is more for post interview reflection, but can be used to create a series of interview questions to use during the actual interview OR to create a questionnaire for mentor candidates.
Mentor Invite to Shadow Student
A letter inviting partners in the Job Shadow program to come and shadow a student for the day.
Mentor Letter re: Planning Mentorship
A letter to support Mentors in planning how they will engage in the mentorship. Shares goals, activities and outcomes that are possible in the relationship.
Mentor Matching Information Student Questionnaire (Confidential)
A few questions and important information about students that will support matching students with mentors.
Mentor Meeting Log
A template for the preliminary mentor/mentee meetings to track interests, notes, etc.
Mentor Meeting Topics
Dates and topics for mentor meetings over four years.
Mentor Monthly Report
Tool used to monitor mentor-mentee relationships, provide assistance and plan program activities.
Mentor Orientation Follow-Up Letter
A thank you letter and survey to identify interest in potential mentors.
Mentor Parent Permission Letter
A brief request of parents to complete a permission form (below the initial letter) so that they are clear about their child’s participation in the mentor program.
Mentor Program Donation Request
Sample letter to a potential donor
Mentor Program Evaluation
An opportunity for mentors to give feedback to the academy on the quality of their mentor program.
Mentor Program Holiday Event Invitation
One way to invite parents, mentors, partners and community members to celebrate accomplishments and a special time of the year! Includes a special poem about mentorships!
Mentor Program Overview for Prospective Mentors
A clear list of objectives, activities and outcomes for Mentors
Mentor Program Parent Assessment Form
An assessment for parents about their child. This allows parents to communicate important information to the academy team, particularly about the mentor program.
Mentor Program Parent Letter
Letter to parents describing mentor program
Mentor Program Parent Letter 2
A brief letter to families letting them know what it means for their child to be in the beginning stages of the mentor process.
Mentor Program Request for References
for screening mentors
Mentor Program Student Application
A tool to have students share what is important to them so that a great mentor can be assigned.
Mentor Program Student Checklist
A quick checklist to ensure that students and the academy team have completed all of the necessary tasks prior to assigning a mentor.
Mentor Program Student Information Sheet
A general student information sheet that includes schedule, career interest and current schedule. Can be used by counselors, mentors, lead teachers, etc.
Mentor Program Volunteer Checklist
* Note-this does not substitute for forms/ processes for clearance that are required by your district. A series of questions and request for information to be kept on file for all mentors.
Mentor Project Annual Evaluation
A checklist for evaluating effectiveness of mentor program
Mentor Questionnaire
A questionnaire used to evaluate if a candidate is prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a mentor for students in your academy.
Mentor Questions of Mentees
Questions for mentors to ask mentees in the preliminary meeting.
Mentor Recruitment Flyer 1
This can be for parents or students to inform them about the benefits of academies. This is also an invitation to an information session about the academy.
Mentor Recruitment Flyer 2
Sample flyer for recruiting mentors
Mentor Reference Information
A series of questions to ask mentor references during the application process.
Mentor Potential Worksheet
A form where community members can recommend potential mentors for the academy.
Mentor Release of Information Form
A permission form for mentors to give consent for staff from the Mentor program to obtain confidential information about applicants.
Mentor Student Orientation
A letter inviting students and parents to an orientation for the mentor program.
Mentor Student Questionnaire
A general list of questions students should answer prior to being assigned a mentor. These can be used to pair up interests and struggles with possible mentor candidates.
Mentor Survey to Match to Students
Questions about Mentor interests, skills, calendar, etc. so that the academy can successfully match Mentors with Mentees.
Mentor Update Questionnaire
A tool to check in on the progress of the mentor/mentee relationships. Includes space to discuss reflective questions, goals and activities planned, concerns, questions, etc. Can be used by lead coordinator to ensure success of mentor/mentee relationships.
Mentor Year-End Questionnaire
An end of year questionnaire for mentors to assess the effectiveness of the partnership and program.
Mentor/Mentee Contract
A contract to be negotiated at the beginning of the mentor-student relationship that establishes goals, times and methods of communication, and activities.
Mentor/Mentee Mid Year Luncheon Invitation
A mid year invitation to the Student-Mentor Luncheon where both parties will match up calendars for the next semester.

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