Toolbox: Student Recruitment and Supports

Academy Semester Awards
A simple template to begin a semester practice of recognizing students who excel in academic and general accomplishments.
Academy Student Transfer Request
Description of process for transferring between academy pathways, and form.
Applicant Interview Questions
Useful for pre-interviewing possible academy students.
Applicant Interview Questions and Guidelines to Successful Interview
An outline of purpose and methods for a great interview with possible academy students.
Breach of Student Contract
Outline of academy expectations in a contract review document that can be used by counselors, lead teachers, mentors, etc. Also includes parents in the process.
Counselor Recommendation to Parents
A brief form letter used to identify areas for student intervention and inform parents of areas to support. This is also an invitation to parents to schedule time with the academy counselor or lead teacher to host an intervention conference.
Credit Recovery Form and Contract
Form for teachers to refer d/f students to credit recovery program, and contract for students, parents, teachers.

Grade Level Teams Student Support Agenda 

Agenda for breaking into grade level teams to discuss student support, including student recognition and interventions.

Graduation Invitation
Your basic graduation invitation that honors the accomplishments of the students, as well as makes a special invitation for the role this person has played in helping the students achieve this.
Incoming Ninth Grade Family Orientation
Sample Agenda, focus on parent-teacher connections.
Instructor Referral for Tutoring
A brief report from the teacher to specify where the student needs support.
Intervention Protocols
Progressive process for addressing student discipline issues.
Math Support Letter to Parents
Letter to parents of students behind in math skills, requiring participation in twice-weekly math support classes after school.
Math Tutoring Contract
Contract for parents, students, teachers to provide additional tutoring support.
Parent Questionnaire During Recruitment
An opportunity for parents to share important information with the academy about their child and parent interest in volunteering.
Parent Tutoring Referral
A form parents can use to request additional academic support for their child.

Pathway Intervention Protocols 

Protocol for addressing inappropriate behavior in class

Potluck Supper Invitation
A simple invitation to families for an academy potluck, with an emphasis on bringing multi-cultural dishes. This supper is a time to honor seniors for their accomplishments.
Recruitment Memo
A brief memo to counselors and teachers requesting the names of any potential academy students. This letter is currently used to recruit 9th graders, but can be modified to fit your needs.
Student Sample Academy Applications
Three different applications that quickly illustrate the expectations of academy students and request that parents sign consent for their child to participate in academy activities, for example… internships.
Student Support Referral
Form for teachers to identify students in need of counseling support
Student Tutoring Self-Referral
Students can refer themselves for tutoring and explain why they feel they need extra help.
Teacher Recommendation
To be used when students are applying for admission into the academy.
Teachers Guide to Preparing Students for College
Valuable resources for teachers working with students on the college search and application process
Tutoring Daily Log
A simple form that tracks the progress of students in tutoring.
Tutoring Program Application
An application for potential student tutors.
Universal Practices
Agreed upon common classroom management and instructional practices designed to support all students’ academic success.
Values Clarification
An activity for students or staff to identify the most and least important values in their lives.
Welcome Letter New Students
Announces orientation.


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