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Graduate Survey

Name: _____________________________________ Graduation Year: ____________

1. In what type of education are you currently enrolled?
Vocational/technical school
2-year college
4-year college
Other: ________________________________________
Not currently enrolled in college
2. If enrolled in college, what school are you attending? _______________________
3. Are you attending college:
Full time
Part time
4. What is your educational goal?
Vocational/Technical certificate
5. What is your intended major? __________________________________________
6. If you are not currently enrolled in an education program, please describe:
The reason(s) you chose not to pursue education at this time or why you discontinued enrollment.
7. Do you plan to continue your education in the future?
8. Are you currently employed:
Full time
Part time
Not currently employed
If employed, what is your current job? ___________________________
9. Are you currently in the military?
10. What skills and/or knowledge that you acquired in the Academy have best aided you in your education or employment?

Graduate Survey
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Please describe the influence that the Academy program has had on your life-after-high school thus far. How has it benefited you? How could the program have better served you and others?



Please tell us a little about what you are doing and your plans for the future.



We would like to keep up with what you are doing over the next several years. Please let us know if you change addresses. Your input will allow us to better serve current and future Academy students. Your success and experience also serves as a “model” for our students.

New address, if applicable:


Thank you for your time and help!

Please return this questionnaire in the enclosed stamped envelope to: