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Developing Programs of Study (POS) for College and Career Readiness

Successful transition to college and career for students largely hinges on the quality of the Program of Study (POS) in high school. Integrating academic and Career Technical Education (CTE) through a sequence of courses to establish a coherent, rigorous, non-duplicative transition to postsecondary education or the workplace requires attention to organizational design of the Program of Study.

This archived powerpoint presentation given at the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) Conference in 2014 will help academy and pathway teams develop and/or strengthen their Program of Study by bridging the “academic-CTE divide” through collaboration across disciplines while fostering alignment and cooperation both vertically and horizontally.

The POS process is never finished so whether you are just beginning to develop a POS or need help improving what you have this ppt will help you to learn from practitioners in the field who share their knowledge and tools.