Type Definitions

An assignment, exercise, activity, and/or experience that is utilized in one or two class periods.

A series of assignments, exercises, activities and/or experiences organized around a single theme or topic that are used in coordination and are generally followed by an assessment.

Engages students to design an answer to a complex authentic question or to solve a problem by producing carefully designed products and tasks through an extended student-influenced process. Requires students to undertake their own fact-finding and analysis. The assignments provide authentic experiences that engage student interest and motivation.

Multi-disciplinary Project
Matches all of the criteria of a project but also requires instructional time and learning to take place in more than one course, and to contribute to student work products that demonstrate learning from more than one discipline.

A collection of units of instruction that lead to the earning of credit units in a particular subject area. Courses in this database include a simple course outline that may or may not include detailed units of study or a textbook.

Things that don’t fit into the other categories, for instance websites with a range of curricular resources, work-based learning resources, instructional resources (e.g. how to teach a Socratic seminar), or media resources (e.g. video, podcasts).