Level of Expertise for CTE

Intended for grades 7-9.  Provides a broad overview of career pathways in an industry sector(s).   Generally includes career awareness and exploration activities.  The content is most appropriate for the first course of a CTE course sequence.     

Concentration/Skill Building
Intended for use in grades 10-12 and goes beyond the introductory level by providing more in-depth instruction in and exploration of a specific industry sector.  Usually the second course of a planned CTE program sequence.  

Should provide students opportunities to engage in projects that include partnerships with industry leaders where students have multiple opportunities to take responsibility for their learning through practical application of knowledge and skills that are aligned to industry standards, often in a work-based situation, and may result in an industry recognized certificate or credential.  Distinguished by the quality of the work that is often exploratory, experiential and open-ended, rather than the quantity of the work.  Usually provided by Regional Occupation Centers and Programs (ROCPs).   

The curriculum has broad applications and meets all of the requirements above