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About Lighthouse Academies

California Partnership Academies Lighthouse Sites

Lighthouse Academies are well-developed, veteran programs with committed teams willing to share their experience and expertise with others. Teams include both academic and CTE teachers and have strong administrative support. Lighthouse sites are chosen regionally and represent particular industry sectors. Each also has a specific area of expertise such as project based learning, teaming, and marketing. These academy teams participate in a training to ensure they understand the Education Code governing California’s Partnership Academies and use that knowledge to assist others. They are available to host visits from CPA teams and those interested in the academy model, and they also plan and conduct site visits in their districts and regions.

This year there are 16 Lighthouse Academies. In addition to participating in the Educating for Careers conference, each of these academies will be working on special projects that support the development and sustainability of the academy model, but also address other related issues such as a – g courses, postsecondary partnerships, and data collection.

Contact information and descriptions of the Lighthouse Academies will be added to the CCASN website in mid-October.


Academy of Art & Technology, Cleveland Charter High School, Reseda.
AOAT is a college and career prep program focused on graphic design. Our strength is in our distributed leadership, summer internships, and a dedicated counselor who manages over 400 students. More info at

Academy of Business, Clairemont High School, San Diego, California
The Academy of Business has strengths in building industry partnerships and student leadership using tried and true structures and systems that sustain those programs year after year.

Award winners from Business AcademyBusiness Academy, Canyon Springs High School, Moreno Valley
We focus on Entrepreneurship and the world of business. Our biggest strength is our alumni and current students that mentor the underclassmen. Alumni help with guest speakers, field trips and helping the seniors with their Virtual Enterprise competitions.

Choices New Energy Academy, Foothill High School, Sacramento
The focus of the Choices New Energy Academy is to prepare our students for the changing demands of life after high school and for careers in energy production and transmission.

Scholarship winners from DATADigital Arts Technology Academy (DATA), Cathedral City High School, Cathedral City
DATA's Mission is to engage students in digital arts as a way to encourage them to graduate and to prepare them for post-secondary education and the work world.

Global Business Academy, Santa Ana Valley High School, Santa Ana

Green Energy and Technology Academy, Edison High School, Fresno
Edison GETA Lighthouse Academy focuses on student teamwork through cross curricular hands on activities that culminate in a showcase the 4th quarter of each school year.

Medical and Health Science Technology Academy, Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, California
The strength of the MAHST Academy is the sense of culture and family established by the teaching team.

Space, Technology and Robotics Systems (STaRS), Lompoc High School, Lompoc, California
The STaRS Academy strength is its mentor program, facilities, and industry certifications. The latest manufacturing equipment and expert instruction allows students to become certified in design software.

Tiny house constructionSustainable Design and Green Construction, Salinas High School, Salinas, California
Mission: To prepare students for post-secondary education and career options in the building trades through hands on learning. The academy’s goal is to graduate 100% of the students and prepare them for the real world.

Taft Oil Technology Academy, Taft Union High School, Taft, California
The Taft Oil Technology Academy is the only Academy in the State with a focus on the petroleum industry and houses the only student section of the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) at the high school level in the US.

Vineyard Academy students making a 7-foot Pizza at Costeaux Bakery.Vineyard Academy of Hospitality, Windsor High School, Windsor, California
Located in Sonoma County, Vineyard Academy focuses on the greatest employment need in our area: the leisure and hospitality industry sector. Combining Viticulture, Culinary and Business with English and History.