Teaching & Assessment


  • Teaching As If All Our Students Are Honors Students
  • Project-Based Learning 101 & 201
  • Developing Programs of Study for Academies and Smaller Learning Communities
  • Teaming Academic and Career-Technical Teachers for Student Success
  • Designing a Multi-year Interdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Integrating Work-Based Learning Experience into the Classroom
  • Just the Beginning: Curriculum Mapping for CTE and Common Core Integration

CCASN offers training and workshops to teachers, schools and districts. To learn more about our workshops, please go to our Contact page and enter your question or request.

Implementing effective college-and-career academies and other small learning communities requires changes in curriculum, teaching and assessment. For example, curriculum related to career themes must be integrated into work-based learning and projects that engage students in the world of professional adult work. Teachers have to work in collaborative teams.  And assessments must be shaped in ways that allow students to demonstrate academic and career-technical skills and knowledge.

CCASN can help educators meet these challenges. Our staff brings years of practical experience and knowledge in guiding educators through the changes that career academies entail. We have worked with a broad range of teachers, administrators, counselors, and community partners to help them build effective programs.  Some of our experinece and knowledge is available in guides and articles that can be used as resources for workshops and on-site assistance.

Curriculum Database

CCASN has built a searchable database with hundreds of curriculum resources in all industry sectors, including lesson plans, units, integrated projects and courses that specifically support the work of career academy teams. CCASN staff can work with teacher teams to create performance tasks that align with Common Core, Next Generation Science and CTE standards using the wealth of curriculum resources accessible for free, through our site. You can view this database here.