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Green Urban Design and Technology


This course serves as one of a sequence of college preparatory, career-technical education courses in a four year Green Academy program of study. The purpose of this course is to provide students knowledge, skills, and values associated with sustainable urban design. The 10th grade CTE course will guide students about how to become environmental leaders on the school campus. This 11th grade CTE course will build on that knowledge, educating students about the health and structure of their larger community. They will be able to apply the principles they learn to making one aspect of their community more sustainable. Author: Please contact Patricia Clark, Director of Teaching and Learning at CCASN, for more information:

Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

Students will demonstrate:

1. Knowledge and understanding of methods of sustainable urban planning and design, and insight into research and development in urban design and urban development.

2. The ability to integrate critically and systematically knowledge and skills acquired in urban design and sustainability as well as green technology.

3. Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate observations, findings, processes, and products in writing and in oral and visual presentations that involve various degrees of challenge.

4. An ability to plan and design green urban structures.

5. An ability to make decisions in the field of sustainable urban planning and design with consideration of relevant scientific, technological, ethical, social, and environmental aspects.

6. An awareness of the decisive influence of sustainable urban planning and design on the living environment of human beings and other living creatures.

Description of Activities

Activities vary by unit, but include writing assignments, lectures, reading and case study assignments, analysis of sustainable business models, interact with guest speakers (for instance, an environmental lawyer), use GIS software to map urban areas, learn about urban design and technology, etc. See course outline (PDF accessible below) for more information.

Culminating Activity and/or Assessment

• Authentic Assessments: Professional and community evaluation of exhibitions of individual/group project work, including formative and summative assessments.
• Exams and quizzes, including essay exams and benchmark tests.
• Portfolio reviews and presentations of student work that demonstrate learning, growth, and achievement of standards.
• Demonstrations of knowledge and skill applications and mastery.
• Rubrics used to assess projects and presentations.
• Quizzes and Benchmark Tests: Most units involve pre- and post- assessments. At the end of each unit, there is a comprehensive, benchmark test that measures individual student’s understanding of key concepts.

Instructional Materials Needed

Textbooks and optional supplemental resources (movies, web resources, etc.)

Instructional Materials Provided

Detailed course outline, project descriptions and examples, student assignment and evaluation templates, lecture slides and notes, etc.

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Additional criteria

Curriculum type: Course

Academic subject areas: Laboratory Science; Interdisciplinary; History/Social Sciences; Career-Technical Education; Career Exploration

States' Career Clusters: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math; Government & Public Administration

California Industry sector(s): Engineering and Architecture; Energy, Environment and Utilities

Duration: 1 year

Grade Targets: 10, 11, 12

Level of Expertise for CTE: Capstone/Advanced

Targeted Support Materials: Community Involvement, Industry Involvement

Standards Addressed: Detailed documentation of alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards provided

Professional Development Requirements/Recommendations: CPA teachers wishing to add any CPA program status a-g course to their school's official a-g course list must participate in a half-day course-specific training offered through CTE.

Keywords: Environment, law, science, history, urban

Source: Colleague

Organization/Publisher: California Partnership Academy (CPA)

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