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Educational Psychology


This course is designed to promote understanding of the principles of psychology that affect human behavior with emphasis on the effects of these principles on the learner, the learning process, the learning situation, and teaching in educational environments. Educational Psychology emphasizes the application of developmental and learning theory to the classroom. In addition, students engage in assignments that enhance their abilities both to understand themselves as learners and to make effective learning decisions. Course content is drawn from current research and educational practice and involves substantial reading, writing, research, and applications of knowledge.
Curriculum Link: Author: Anya Gurholt, September 2008

Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

To acquire knowledge of theory and research in the field of educational psychology with an emphasis on child and adolescent development, teaching and learning, motivation, and application of theory to classroom practice. To understand oneself as a learner.

Description of Activities

Activities vary by unit, but include case studies, essays, exercises, presentations, and lectures. See attached PDF for detail.

Culminating Activity and/or Assessment

Students will create portfolios, have written response assessments, give oral and multimedia presentations, create concept maps, conduct practical labs, etc.

Instructional Materials Needed

Textbooks are required. Multimedia materials are optional.

Instructional Materials Provided

Detailed course outline, class activity plans, handouts, student assessments, material describing connections to Common Core standards, etc=.

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Additional criteria

Curriculum type: Course

Academic subject area: History/Social Sciences

States' Career Clusters: Education & Training

California Industry sector(s): Health Science and Medical Technology; Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Duration: 1 year

Grade Targets: 10, 11, 12

Level of Expertise for CTE: Capstone/Advanced

Targeted Support Materials: Community Involvement, Industry Involvement

Standards Addressed: Detailed documentation of alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards provided

Professional Development Requirements/Recommendations: CPA teachers wishing to add any CPA program status a-g course to their school's official a-g course list must participate in a half-day course-specific training offered through CDE.

Keywords: Education, Psychology, elective

Source: Colleague

Organization/Publisher: California Partnership Academy (CPA)

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