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STEM 3D Solid Modeling


Learning 3D design is an interactive process. Students learn best when they can explore the practical applications of the concepts that they learn. This STEM course has many activities and exercises that enable students to put design concepts into practice. Students create their ideas such as artificial heart components, extreme sports equipment, hip replacement parts, robotic arm components, musical instruments and their parts as well as many others. Ideas become reality in this course.
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Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

Students will demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The characteristics, scope, and core concepts of technology, the relationships among technologies and its connection to other fields of study, as well as technology’s cultural, social, economic, and political effects.
  • The effects of technology on the environment, the role of society in developing and using technology, and the influence of technology on history.
  • The attributes of design, engineering design, and the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.

Students will be able to:

  • Apply the design process, use and maintain technological products and systems, and assess the impact of products and systems.
  • Select and use information and communication technologies, manufacturing technologies and construction technologies.

Description of Activities

  • Students will understand a user interface, a graphical user interface, the sketcher and sketched features, applied features, drawings, revolve and sweep features, loft features and pattern features, fillets, parts in 3D solid modeling, design tables, assembly theory, toolbox, drawing and eDrawing basics.
  • Students will apply basic functionality in a 3D design, basic operations in 3D solid modeling, sweep, loft and pattern features.
  • Student will use visualization techniques in 3D solid modeling.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of assembly mates, 3D sketching, advanced design in 3D solid modeling, the design checker feature, basic sheet metal design theory, sheet metal design, surfacing and weldment features, and predictive analysis and simulation.
  • Students will apply weldment features and techniques learned to a medium scale industry based design challenge.
  • Students will use knowledge gained in previous lessons to engage in a national design certification.

Instructional Materials Needed

Teacher access to the internet assures access to all course materials and the Learning Management System. Much of the content is facilitated if students have access to web-enabled devices.

Instructional Materials Provided

Objectives, teacher preparation, content outlines, learning activities, select equipment, recommended local consumables, case studies, resources, PowerPoints, and online assessments

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Additional criteria

Cost: Curriculum access unlimited per site. Project resources are provided to support the qualified number of students per class size. Contact The Stem Academy for cost estimates.

Curriculum type: Course

Academic subject area: Career-Technical Education

States' Career Clusters: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

California Industry sector(s): Manufacturing and Product Development; Engineering and Architecture

Duration: 180 course hours

Grade Target: 10

Level of Expertise for CTE: Concentration/Skill building

Targeted Support Material: Industry Involvement

Standards Addressed: Detailed documentation of alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards provided

Professional Development Requirements/Recommendations: LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TRAINING REQUIRED Other training available, including 4-day orientation training for instructors, career counselors and administrators. Summer 4-day Stem Instructor Training Boot Camp available for lead instructors. Online STEM Instructor Mentor Program also available.

Source: Organization/Publisher-developed

Organization/Publisher: STEM Academy

Usage Restrictions: Must contract with STEM Academy in order to use curriculum.

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