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Why Do People Move?


This curriculum introduces students to the reasons that people have for leaving their community or country. Through six Central or Latin American cases, students explore why people move as they learn about a particular cultural element of that country. Students will develop an understanding of some of the conditions that exist in both sending and receiving communities, of the connections that facilitate migration, and of the causes of these movements.
Curriculum Link: Author: Lucìa Nuñez and the staff of the Latin America Project, Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE)

Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

• To expand students' knowledge and understanding of some of the reasons people leave their countries
• To promote an understanding of the obstacles people face when deciding to move
• To promote an understanding of the complexities of migration
• To make connections between students' own experiences of migration and the cases presented in the unit

Description of Activities

Three activities at the beginning set the stage for studying the concept of migration – a skill builder that introduces the value of multiple perspectives, a concept mapping activity to tap prior knowledge and define key concepts, and an orientation activity, in which students explore the migration history of a family member or friend to make personal connections.

At the core of the unit are six activities that specifically address the big question, while each group focus on a different country, and presents to the class. Each activity includes a section for the teacher with background information, extension questions, and a list of related issues for further research. The activities also include activity cards, resource cards, a data and map card, an individual report (for assessment) and a closure activity. Multiple ability tasks are incorporated in each of the activities.

Culminating Activity and/or Assessment

Students will portray their understanding of migration as a global phenomenon by collaborating on a group mosaic.

Instructional Materials Needed

CD player

Instructional Materials Provided

Binder with complete curriculum instructions, handouts, resource materials, and CD

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Cost: $44.95

Curriculum type: Unit

Academic subject area: History/Social Sciences

States' Career Clusters: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Secruity; Government & Public Administration

California Industry sector(s): Public Services

Duration: 6 days

Grade Targets: Middle/Junior High, 9, 10

Levels of Expertise for CTE: Concentration/Skill building, Introductory

Standards Addressed: Alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards evident

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