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Business Inventory Loss


Traditional math concepts using a CTE example help students learn in context – and visa versa. This lesson uses the scenario of setting up a store and focuses on inventory to learn about using percent. Students work through math examples embedded in the CTE lesson and are able to calculate the percentages that correspond to the different loss categories.
Curriculum Link: Author: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education; accessed February, 2012

Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

The students should be able to calculate the percent loss by category (employee theft, shoplifting, back door fraud, and other) for any stores and display the data in a pie chart. Students should also be able to visually identify in order of largest to smallest, the percent loss by category for each store, based on the pie chart data displays.

Description of Activities

1. Introduce the CTE lesson: You are planning on setting up a store, and are thinking about all of the costs associated with this venture. Give me examples. What is meant by the term inventory loss?
2. Assess students’ math awareness as it relates to the CTE lesson.
3. Work through the math example embedded in the CTE lesson.
We want to be able to calculate the percentages that correspond to the different Loss Categories. So let’s do a brief review of how to find percentages. Who can define percent? We need to know how to calculate percentages. There is a proportion that is easy to use when calculating percent.
STEP 1: Use the percent from each category to find the number of degrees that will represent on the circle.
STEP 2: Using a protractor, measure and draw each angle from the center point of the circle.
4. Work through related, contextual math-in-CTE examples.
Hand out Worksheet: Grocery Store Worksheet
5. Work through traditional math examples.
6. Students demonstrate their understanding.
Have students complete New Car Sales Worksheet.
7. Formal assessment.

Culminating Activity and/or Assessment

Written assessment included

Instructional Materials Needed

computer and internet access to retrieve documents

Instructional Materials Provided

Grocery Store Worksheet

New Car Sales Worksheet

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Cost: free

Curriculum type: Lesson

Academic subject areas: Mathematics; Career-Technical Education

States' Career Clusters: Marketing; Finance; Business Management & Administration

California Industry sector(s): Marketing Sales and Service; Business and Finance

Duration: 1 class period

Grade Targets: 9, 10

Levels of Expertise for CTE: Concentration/Skill building, Introductory

Standards Addressed: Alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards evident

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