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STEM Introduction to Engineering


This STEM course is a basic introduction to engineering for all students. Students who complete this course will learn the concepts necessary in order to develop their ideas into solutions that will improve our lives. Exciting hands-on learning activities like data comparison of heart rates, rating consumer products, destructive testing and 3D solid modeling apply math, science, history and English content from other courses in a STEM experience.
Curriculum Link: Author: The STEM Academy

Expected Student Outcomes/Objectives

The student:
1) investigates failures as they are related to design
2) investigates the definitions of engineering
3) presents findings of research through engineering communication methods
4) explores successful strategies in the classroom
5) investigates systems and optimization techniques
6) describes the history of engineering and researches historical engineers
7) investigates the demands of the field of engineering
8) will understand and engage in teamwork and concurrent engineering methods
9) engages in measurement activities and applies strategies in an experiment
10) understands 3d modeling and can apply techniques to design engineering solutions
11) investigates materials through historical and recycling principles
12) understands the basic principles of electricity.
13) Understands the problem solving method and can apply it in the design process
14) Understands and engages in the design process through modeling
15) Is able to apply topics learned in the course through a culminating activity

Description of Activities

UNITS: The Secret to Success (Failure), What is Engineering, Engineering Communications, Success in the Classroom, Systems and Optimization, History of Engineering, Kick out the Ladder, Teamwork and Concurrent Engineering, Measurement, Introduction to 3D Solid Modeling, Materials, Basic Electricity, Problems Solving, Design and Modeling, Traditional Engineering Disciplines, FastTrack RC Culminating Project

Instructional Materials Needed

Teacher access to the internet assures access to all course materials and the Learning Management System. Much of the content is facilitated if students have access to web-enabled devices.

Instructional Materials Provided

Objectives, teacher preparation, content outlines, learning activities, select equipment, recommended local consumables, case studies, resources, PowerPoints, and online assessments

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Additional criteria

Cost: Curriculum access unlimited per site. Project resources are provided to support the qualified number of students per class size. Contact The Stem Academy for cost estimates.

Curriculum type: Course

Academic subject areas: Laboratory Science; Career-Technical Education

States' Career Clusters: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

California Industry sector(s): Engineering and Architecture

Duration: 180 course hours

Grade Target: 9

Level of Expertise for CTE: Introductory

Targeted Support Material: Industry Involvement

Standards Addressed: Detailed documentation of alignment with Common Core, NGSS, C3 or CTE Standards provided

Professional Development Requirements/Recommendations: LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TRAINING REQUIRED Other training available, including 4-day orientation training for instructors, career counselors and administrators. Summer 4-day Stem Instructor Training Boot Camp available for lead instructors. Online STEM Instructor Mentor Program also available.

Source: Organization/Publisher-developed

Organization/Publisher: STEM Academy

Usage Restrictions: Must have STEM Academy association in order to use.

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