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About the California Partnership Academies

The California Partnership Academies, begun in 1985, are smaller units within public high schools in grades 10-12, with a team of teachers and a career theme, showing students connections between academic and career-technical subjects. Evaluations have shown that CPA sophomores pass the high school exit exam at higher rates than California averages, CPA seniors graduate at higher rates, and CPA graduates meet the state’s a-g college entrance requirements at higher rates. A national study showed that Career Academy graduates had higher earnings eight years after graduation than non-Academy control groups.

California Department of Education

Curriculum, Learning, and Accountability Branch
Secondary, Career, & Adult Learning Division
High School Transformation Unit
1430 N Street, Suite 4503
Sacramento, CA 95814


California Partnership Academies Staff

Keith Edmonds, Education Programs Administrator

Karen Shores, Education Programs Consultant

Jerry Winthrop, Education Programs Consultant

Machelle Martin, Associate Governmental Programs Analyst

Jeannie Geiser, Staff Services Analyst

Chris Mattson, Staff Services Analyst