CCASN Presentations Delighted Participants at the California Career Technical Education Conference

The CCASN staff continues to provide valuable resources to the educational audience at the California Career Technical Education Conference in November.  Here are some highlights and links to these resources

Using the National Career Academy Curriculum Database for Curriculum Development

This session focused a free searchable database of lessons, units, interdisciplinary projects specifically for CTE and academic teacher teams in career pathways. Participants learned how to access and use these resources to plan, implement and access integrated and project-based-learning aligned with new state standards.

 Building the Pathway Teacher Workforce Amidst the Teacher Shortage Crisis

New strategies in credentialing and teacher preparation were presented to increase the number of teachers satisfying CTE and Single Subject credential requirements, and ameliorate the teacher shortage. Pathway Teacher Workforce Network participants collaborate to learn from each other, strategize, and affect policy to create a 21st century pathway teacher workforce.

Signature Elements of a CTE Course: CTE and A-G

This presentation focused on the elements of high quality CTE courses and course descriptions. Best practice strategies for developing CTE course descriptions for a-g approval were presented. This session explored the signature elements of a great CTE course and provides practical strategies for developing CTE course descriptions for a-g approval.

Shifting Roles in Secondary Schools to Support Robust Career Pathways

This session took a deep dive into a framework delineating the new secondary work roles and responsibilities that support robust pathway development. In role-alike teams, district and site leaders, pathway teachers, counselors and staff will explore five key areas. Program of Study Development infrastructure. , Curricular Alignment, Student Support, Industry Engagement, and Professional Development.

CCASN’s Teacher Leadership Guide: New Tools for Pathway Leaders

This presentation explored challenges and opportunities for teacher leadership development as pathways expand and improve. Tools and resources were presented to engage site leadership, pathway teams, postsecondary and industry partners in new ways of working.

Developing a Career & College Success Culture within CTE Pathways

CCASN explored research-based strategies for developing a strong career and college culture within pathways and ways to support all students in becoming career-college ready.